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Wild Kratts Wild Winter Creatures
by By Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt

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I like how the otters slide on their bellies bc they have fun to keep warm.

The Nest
by Cynthia D Aprix Sweeney

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Slow start, but good read once you get in to it. You really get caught up with the family and siblings.

by Dune Frank Herbert

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My 2nd time reading this science fiction classic, it's still relevant as an environmental novel as it was when I read it in the the late 1960s. Highly recommended.

The Fellowship Of The Ring
by J.R.R Tolkien

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Beautiful story!

The Nest
by Cynthia D'aprix Sweeney

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This book started off slow, but got better. It was a good read overall and you got involved in the lives of the family. Would recommend.

New Kid
by Jerry Craft

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The book New Kid is a good book about a boy named Jordan Banks. Who enjoys drawing and is scared going to school. But he starts having fun and making friends. Then there is a problem A.K.A the conflict. Where two groups of kids want to be friends with him. But he helps stop the fight. They all are friends in the end.

Live Original
by Sadie Robertson

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Live Original is more than just being yourself. It's also a book about following your dreams, working hard, stying true to your values and being confident. Sadie Robertson is a Christian and uses the values that she was raised with. She also highlights her family buisness, and even the story of the monopoly game. I highly reccomend this book to any girl or boy who is in thier teenage years rather you are a Christian or not.

Pinkalicious and the Cupcake Calamity
by Victoria Kann

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I love the part where she gets a big cupcake, but she does naughty things like sneak into the machine and break it.

Pinkalicious and the Flower Fairy
by Victoria Kann

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I loved the pink flowers!

Frontier Follies
by Ree Drummond

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I love Ree and the Pioneer Woman